19 March 2017

Collages and Wire Sculptures

Artist Priscilla Jones paid us a visit at our last meeting to talk to us about her delicate collages and wire sculptures of domestic items.  There was a slight delay while the technology got sorted out, but luckily we had Sue B on hand to work it all out and we enjoyed slide presentation of Priscilla's work from the beginning of her degree course work, through its development to the work she is best known for today.

Priscilla started to work studying items of clothing and has created a lot of fascinating artwork using gloves.  She spent hours trawling through charity shops and amassed a huge collection of gloves for her work.


Priscilla's work is still evolving, but we know her best for her domestic collages of the equipment for afternoon tea!  They use layers of paper, cloth, paint and gesso to achieve their delicate effects.  She also became interested in 3D wire sculptures of tea pots, cups, spoons etc. as well as birds.  She uses cake decoration wire and attached fabric with beeswax, which sinks into the paper covering of the wire.

Priscilla Jones with some of her work.

A most enjoyable meeting. J

5 March 2017

Fabulous Workshop

Nikki Parmenter made a welcome return to Pendle in February to run a Fabulous Fish workshop, which certainly lived up to its name.  I didn't attend, but went along in the afternoon to be greeted by an roomful of enthusiastic and smiling embroiderers, proudly displaying their fabulous sea creatures (and a butterfly!!)  Many thanks to Sue S and Sue T who documented the day for me. J

Some of Nikki's samples - this is what you have to aim for ladies!

Now for Pendle's turn...

 Scraps of fabric under net being fused together with soldiering iron, before being cut into fish outline.

A fish taking shape under Brenda's guiding hands.

Eileen's exciting colour scheme taking shape.

Fiona's subtle colour scheme for a seahorse.

Glen's flying fish on a creative background

 Alison & Louise proudly display their seahorses.                       Lesley having fun!

Two more fabulous fish.......................................... and a butterfly from Wendy!

15 February 2017

Teabag Miniatures

It was good to see everyone at our first meeting of 2017 - it seemed a very long time since our Christmas party so there was a lot to catch up on.  Just as well we decided to have a mini-workshop so there was plenty of time to chat.

Kathryn had arranged a session she called "What will you make of what you are given?" and came prepared with lots of odds and ends.  We each had a teabag (yes, you did read that correctly) which had been dried and mounted on some Bondaweb, and we were encouraged to make a miniature masterpiece to be displayed on a tiny easel.  Apparently sewing on teabags is A Thing!

I had hoped to photograph a mini art display, but it wasn't to be as we were so busy catching up with administration after our long break, but Sue T has send me a short comment and a picture of her own masterpiece.  Hopefully we can have a bigger display at the March meeting.

Mini masterpieces
Fab workshop yesterday ....quite a challenge to work on a teabag ! But everyone was very enthusiastic and produced amazing ' mini masterpieces'. There was quietness and concentration at first followed by much chatting and laughter as we shared our developing pieces. A big thank you to Kathryn who again produced an interesting workshop and shared her stash with such generosity. I would love to see inside her store. The mini easels were a treat and again a testament to Kathryn's detective skills. A great session 😊  Sue T.


8 December 2016

Christmas Social

Monday was our last meeting of the year, so we had a party.  Thanks to all our successful fundraising over the year we were able to treat our members to a buffet instead of our usual Jacob's Join, so no work involved!


We also had another Everyone for Themselves  raffle, which caused a lot of merriment and some groans.  Glen was briefly the delighted owner of a very nice decorated notebook, which I took from her and almost ruined a lovely friendship.  However, my own pleasure was very short-lived as a couple of moments later I lost it to Sue T. in return for a blue inspiration pack!  Another notebook must have changed hands five or six times before it settled on a final lucky owner.  Who thought up this fiendish idea?

What's she got?  And will she keep it?!
We then had a very entertaining talk and practical session from Stephen Watson, a self-confessed Origami Nerd.  He had brought a wonderful display of his work with him, some of which took your breath away.  An expensive looking necklace and earrings set turned out to be made from gold wrapping paper, and a very nice silver bangle from the inside of a crisp packet!  He talked about how origami has grown in recent years, after needing to be "rescued" by some enthusiasts like himself. Now it is used in all sorts of ways from architectural models to medical applications - even NASA has used origami to save space in satellites; once in orbit the solar panels open out from their neat folds into an enormous size.

Stephen's amazing paper creations on display

We made a box, a (very loud) cracker which really got our attention, and a place-name decoration in the form of a shirt.  Then, by special request, Stephen showed the easy way to fold a t-shirt......I know, I know, it's a bit sad, but all us women were enthralled and ironing chores just got a lot easier.

We ended with the raffle draw, and a new venture - two bursaries of £50 were drawn and the lucky winners will have to spend their prize on some kind of embroidery-related activity or project and give us a Show and Tell next Christmas.  Sue S was one winner and Glen was the other, so I think she has now forgiven and forgotten her lost notebook.

Our final delightful task was to present Sue B. with a cyclamen plant to thank her for her contributions to the life of the Branch since she joined us this year.  She has been so helpful and has attended every one of the Gawthorpe stitching days, as well as the National Stitch Day at
Towneley Hall.

So, now for a break - see you in 2017!


Thanks to Sue S for additional photos.

9 November 2016

"Corners" session

On Monday last we held a "Corners" session.  It was a lovely occasion, with plenty of time to chat, learn a new idea or skill or just perfect a stitch.  Unfortunately the photographers in the group were busy running their own "corner", so there is no visual record.  Patricia was demonstrating various methods of couching, Sue S. making decorative "spider web" wheels, Eileen J. exploring lazy daisy stitch and I was showing all sorts of knot stitches.

We welcomed two new members and a visitor; a good meeting for getting to know us.

Susan had a table of books and embroidery kits for sale - sadly, a friend had died of breast cancer and her husband requested that her embroidery collection be offered for and a donation sent to Christies.  We were happy to have contributed £85 to this good cause.

The next meeting is our members' Christmas party, which should be a lot of fun.  There will be photographs next time!  J.

25 October 2016

Zodiac Day at Gawthorpe

Patricia and her group of volunteers were at Gawthorpe Hall again this month, stitching in the Rachel Kay-Shuttleworth's Library.  Jenny Waterson, Learning Curator of the Rachel Kay-Shuttleworth Collection, and one of the House's volunteers sewed alongside them this time.

It was a fine day and there were lots of people visiting the Hall and most seemed to find their way into the Library. They showed lot of interest in their presence and the work to hand and many stayed to join in.  Patricia had prepared Zodiac Signs to be stitched with simple embroidery stitches.  The room was a buzz of conversation and busy fingers.  It was most encouraging for both Jenny and the Pendle members and everyone agreed it was a most enjoyable afternoon.

You can learn more about the Rachel Kay-Shuttleworth Collection at their website www.gawthorpetextiles.org.uk       J

6 October 2016

Fantastic Creatures

Wow!  Nikki Parmenter visited Pendle Branch on Monday to talk about her wonderful creations - fantastic is the only word for them!  No bling is too much for Nikki and what a wonderful effect it creates.  She not only raids the haberdashery stalls, but the DIY stores and novelty shops as well to use in her work.

This peacock has a base of chicken wire, bound and padded and then embellished with fused layers of organza, Funky Foam, sequins, beads.....anything goes.

Nikki holds her fabulous peacock
A gorgeous elephant sits alongside a Madonna

Nikki is an artist and much of her work features her drawings of classical mythology from Greece, India and Persia  as well as the Bible and more modern references, together with fabulous creatures of all sorts, which she transfers to acetate sheets and paints and cuts out to enhance to her work.

A hare and a butterfly alongside Nikki displaying a hanging 

Her themed hangings may contain related images from many sources and feature birds, animals, insects and flowers of all kinds.

Earth Mother Gaia with some of her creatures

The Owl shares a boat with the Pussycat in a sea hanging............

..... and an Egyptian queen floats among an abundance of water creatures

What a wonderful afternoon.  Nikki will be with us again for a workshop in February to share some of her secrets to making a Fabulous Fish - something to look forward to in the dark days of winter.   J